We will be posting one more RCIA Lesson Plan in the next few days. The nine lesson plans are designed for use in the Pre-Catechumenate Period for those interested and/or seeking full communion with the Catholic Church.

Mike and I will continue to post weekly free material and articles, made available first on the homepage, then placed in the Resources drop down menu.

However, our main focus now will be to prepare presentations and training material for some upcoming bookings beginning in September. Be sure to check out our courses and booking page and consider us for the training of your catechists in youth ministry, CCD/Religious Education, Adult Formation, RCIA, and Evangelism efforts.

Our other focus over the next two months is to officially role out the membership portion of the website. Our first area of work will be to finalize and post over 40 items that are directed toward use with the nine RCIA lesson plans we have posted. We are still discerning the cost of membership, but stay tuned because it will be affordable and a very effective tool for your catechetical team.

God bless you all in your catechetical efforts; may they be the Lord’s and not your own.