Here is a list (and links) to 9 RCIA lesson plans designed by Catechetical Foundations to be used in the Pre-Catechumenate. The “Pre-Cat” is a period that could last anywhere from 8 weeks to several months or even a couple of years in some cases. Typically, the Pre-Cat period will be 8-12 weeks, including the first introductory week (included below) and a Church tour; and maybe an immediate preparation night for the Rite(s) of Acceptance and Welcoming. As you will notice, we are not “lectionary based” in our topics, especially in the Pre-Cat period. The topics are strictly foundational to anything you will study in the future and foundational to any growth in intimacy and communion with our Lord.


Week One: Introduction (here)

Week Two: Trinity (here)

Week Three: Incarnation (here)

Week Four: Salvation History (here)

Week Five: Paschal Mystery (here)

Week Six: Church as Sanctifier (here)

Week Seven: Church as Mystical Body of Christ (here)

Week Eight: Scripture (here)

Week Nine: Mary (here)


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