Catechetical Foundations presents a “Ready-to-Print” resource for your parish families this Advent. Advent in Our Homes, is a resource to assist families in restoring this great liturgical season of preparation, penance and anticipation as a practice in our homes. (picture from last year’s booklet)

This resource is full of explanations, suggestions, instructions, and short essays to better live Advent in our homes.

Individuals can order a “Ready-to-Print” copy (for personal use only) for $5.

Parishes can order “Single Season Permission” printable rights for the families in the parish for $100.00

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Here’s an excerpt…

Truly celebrating the Advent Liturgical Season, especially in a penitential manner, is very counter-cultural today. So, how can we make Advent meaningful in our home in the days of mass advertisement and marketing in place of the fulcrum of history, the celebration of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ? Honestly, it is not an easy thing to do! However, with the proper resources and catechesis about how to make Advent a time to prepare for the Christmas Season, it becomes very doable!
Growing up, I would decorate the tree with my mother the weekend after Thanksgiving Day, hang lights outside with my father soon after that, and listen to Christmas music as soon as it hit the radio stations. Advent became Christmas; and Christmas became…well, nothing except waiting for the Super Bowl in January (now Feb). The Epiphany was not in my family’s vocabulary. And as Maria Augusta Trapp stated in the opening remarks of this booklet, our tree was outside on December 26. In 2002, my wife and I were married; and soon Advent came. That Advent was very similar to mine growing up, with the exceptions of much more prayer and attention to the faith. Yet, where was Advent I asked myself. The following year, my wife and I drew up a battle plan of how to make Advent…Advent, and Christmas…Christmas. We were overwhelmed!!! We had to find a place to begin.
For my family, we used Maria Trapp’s book, “Around the Year with the Trapp Family”, as a primary resource for ideas to truly celebrate Advent. In the following pages, I hope to pass along some of what my family has adopted as our ‘Advent traditions.’ These ideas are not necessary to start all at once. In fact, it may be best to take two or three Advent’s to incorporate all the new traditions into your family’s preparation for Christmas. Below is a short list of great ideas to incorporate into your family.