October 7 is the Feast of the Holy Rosary

Take an hour today to learn more about the origin of this wonderful Feast Day!

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Authenticum Lecture on Gerard Manley Hopkins

Thank you Steve Ayers for another profound lecture. Your lecture on Gerard Manley Hopkins was informative, formative, captivating, and inspiring. I am sure the 100 guests in attendance all feel the same way! You are such a joy to listen to because you lecture with your entire being, not just words. CF friends, the lecture will be up in a few days. We will also post the slides of the poems to you can follow along during the lecture. God bless!

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Catechetical Foundations

Training Catechists

Over the past three Sundays, CF has had the pleasure of assisting Chris Iwan in the training of his adult catechists and some youth peer leaders, as his parish is about to begin a great year of ministry to the youth. We spend three hours each Sunday instructing on essential elements of evangelization, preparing with the Dogmas and doctrines of the Church, catechizing as a witness, and establishing a consistent prayer life.

Our Spiritual Director, Fr. Aaron Ferris, joined us during the final Sunday to discuss prayer and to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is a beautiful story itself.


Contact Mark today at catfoundations@gmail.com to discuss CF assisting you in training your catechists.

Here are a couple picture that Mark took during the training. St. Mary’s in Spring Lake, MI had some very nice facilities for the training.






June and August Authenticum Lectures available for download now!


Dr. Dennis Marshall: The Pipe, The Pint, and the Cross

Fr. Aaron Ferris: On Human Suffering


Catechetical Foundations

Many Parishes are about to begin R.C.I.A.

Catechetical FoundationsWith many parishes about to begin the Pre-Catechumenate/Inquiry Period for the R.C.I.A., Catechetical Foundations invites you to take advantage of our free Catechetical Presentations for topics that should be taught during this period. Also included are many handouts, table tents, and suggested Sacred Art.


Click on R.C.I.A. under the Resources Tab above for the resources.




Remember CF when considering training for your catechists. Click the Booking tab above to contact us.

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